El Cielo - Mexican Oregano Dried 25g

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Mexican Oregano is an essential ingredient in many Mexican food dishes.  When compared to a Greek oregano, it actually belongs to a different plant family altogether, Verbenaceae, which is related to citrus.  Hence the flavour, while in some ways similar to the oregano we all know, also has a citrus-like undertones, it is less sweet and has a more robust, stronger flavour.  The difference maybe subtle, the Mexican oregano that comes from Mexico is perfectly suited for Mexican dishes, caramba!

It is one of the ingredients in Pozole soup and many other favourites!

A trick is to grind it before adding it to your dish or sprinkle it on your food, it releases additional flavours within it that may surprise you.

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Crushed Dry Mexican Oregano, Origanum vulgare

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