El Mexicano - Maiz Blanco White Hominy Corn 822g

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One of the main ingredients in Pozole is Hominy, but you can also find it in other popular dishes:

Some recipes using hominy include pozole (a Mexican stew of hominy and pork, chicken, or other meat), hominy bread, hominy chili, hog 'n' hominy, casseroles and fried dishes. Hominy can be ground coarsely to make hominy grits, or into a fine mash (dough) to make masa, a dough used regularly in Latin American cuisine. Many islands in the West Indies, most notably Jamaica, also use hominy (known as cornmeal or polenta) to make a sort of porridge with corn starch or flour to thicken the mixture and condensed milk, vanilla and nutmeg to taste.

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White Hominy, Water and Iodized Salt.No Preservatives Added