Ki Gourmet - La Adelita Chipotle Chili Salsa 380g

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This is a chipotle chilli salsa with a sweet touch, reducing the hot taste of chili.  It’s a sauce that may accompany a variety of dishes, from appetisers to main courses.

Recipe Ideas

  • When preparing meatballs, pour a little bit of sauce in the pan to add that traditional Mexican flavour.
  • Prepare a bean dip, mixing refried beans with the salsa, then sprinkle with a little bit of fresh cheese, and serve with corn chips as a snack.
  • For a light snack, cut some slices of goats or fresh cheese, roast it in a frying pan and add this sauce.
  • For something tasty, prepare a “double cream and chipotle soup,” with buttermilk, minced onion and garlic, whole milk, Philadelphia cream cheese, water, chicken broth, and a few spoons of salsa La Adelita.  It’s delicious!


  • Water, vinegar, chipotle chili, brown sugar, onion, salt, olive oil, garlic, condiments.