Frido - Frido Soul 100% Single Origin Pure Mexican Cacao - 250g

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Cacao is deeply rooted in Mayan mythology and together with corn they were the two ingredients that went into making humans.  The range of Frido Cacao originates from the Tabasco province in Mexico, its manifesto is to honour the traditional way of enjoying the cacao drink.  

This particular variant is excellent when mixed with water, some honey and a touch of chilli. 

The rich deep bitter notes are cold pressed into pure raw cacao coins that retain their natural aroma and flavour. The true form and purity of the coins contain high nutritional properties and can be used in a range of recipes and drinks and delicious chocolate-based treats.

Benefits & Features:

● Vegan Friendly and Dairy Free
● Gluten Free
● No preservative raw food
● Great source of natural fats

How to use:

With the ‘Molinillo” (traditional way)

Heat enough water (don’t boil; about 60℃) for each drink. Into the hot water melt in one cacao disk (coin) for each cup.
In a tall vessel insert the molinillo and, rolling the handle back and forth between the palms, combine and froth the cacao.

With the whisker( modern way)

If using a blender - allowing enough growing room, carefully blend the hot mixture for about 2 minutes.
Continue aerating the hot cacao until the creamy foam develops.


100% Pure Mexican Cacao