Frido - Cacao Ceremony - 200g

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The perfect drink to make your own rituals.


FRIDO reconnects earth and nature.  It's not about chocolate, it is about going back to the roots. This ceremonial cacao was selected from a plantation where they understand the history and the connection with the people involved in growing and caring for the sacred cacao trees.

A Cacao Ceremony is a sacred ancient ritual to honour the elements & spirits of nature, and express gratitude for life itself.


Benefits & Features:

● Cacao acts on the physical body, offering nutrients, minerals and
feeling-good hormones. Blood circulation is accelerated up to 40%.
● High in antioxidants
● Gluten Free
● Diary Free and Vegan Friendly
● Good source of iron and Magnesium


How to use:

With the ‘Molinillo” (traditional way)
Heat enough water (don’t boil; about 60℃) for each drink. Into the hot water melt in one cacao disk (coin) for each cup.
In a tall vessel insert the molinillo and, rolling the handle back and forth between the palms, combine and froth the cacao.

With the whisker( modern way)
If using a blender - allowing enough growing room, carefully blend the hot mixture for about
2 minutes.
Continue aerating the hot cacao until the creamy foam develops.


100% Pure Mexican Cacao