El Cielo - Blue Corn Totopos (Mexican Corn Chips) 250g

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All our blue corn products are made with certified organic gluten-free blue corn flour.

On our ongoing quest to offer The True Taste of Mexico, we now have blue corn totopos (Mexican corn chips), made with the same organic blue corn, preservative free ingredients used in our organic blue corn tortillas. Blue corn totopos are a nutritious snack, full of antioxidants.

Crispy, delicious and just perfect for scooping that yummy guacamole, refried beans or any dips off the plate!

All our fried products utilise the best quality Rice Bran Oil.

You can also find this product in our Snack Pack, combined with White Corn Totopos and a Ki Gourmet La Doña Sauce for a special treat at a very special price.



Nixtamalized organic blue corn, trace of lime.  Cooked in rice bran oil