Mini-Tortillas - White Corn Botanera 9cm 60 Pack

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Pack of 60 white corn mini-tortillas

Botanera size = 9cm diameter

This tortilla size is great for party platters and entertaining. The small sizes makes them great to share and serve for different mini-dishes and great for kids!

Light flavour white corn tortillas available in Australia! enjoy this traditional style corn tortillas in your home. Baked fresh in our Melbourne tortilleria.

Fresh Nixtamal White Corn Tortillas

Baked in Melbourne utilising Australian grown white corn. Gluten free, vegan friendly and oh, so delicious!

Use this traditional Mexican corn tortillas for dishes such as mini-tacos, mini-quesadillas or mini-flautas! (rolled up fried tacos).  Great activity to cook all this mexican dishes with your kids!

All our white corn products are made with Australian grown white corn!

Split the packs in small stacks of 10 and freeze them to use at a later day as required. Store them frozen up to 6 months!