Ki Gourmet - La Llorona Morita Chili Salsa 1kg

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Red sauce made from roasted tomatoes and morita chilli. Has a smoky flavour that works perfectly with chicken, beef, fish and seafood. An excellent sample of traditional Mexican flavours!

Recipe Ideas

  • Mix it with cream as a basic sauce for many dishes
  • Pour it over Mexican dishes such as tacos and quesadillas (tortillas filled with melted cheese)
  • Prepare fried shrimp with a little bit of olive oil and add the sauce.  Serve in corn or flour tortillas.
  • Create your own “Enchiladas Lloronas” (fried tortillas filled with chicken or cheese, dressed with cream, cheese,  lettuce and La Llorona salsa)
  • Prepare scrambled or fried eggs and pour some of this delicious sauce over them.  You’ll love it!


  • Tomato, water, onion, salt, morita chili, corn oil, garlic