Tostaditas - what exactly are they and how to cook with them

April 11, 2017

Tostaditas - what exactly are they and how to cook with them

Tacos but flat… QUÉ?

Tostada is a Spanish word meaning “toasted”! In Mexico and other parts of Latin America, it is the name of various local dishes which are toasted or use a toasted ingredient as the main base of their preparation. To keep it simple – Mexican Tostaditas are flat tortillas that are deep fried or toasted!

So if the Mexican version of a open-faced sandwich is your thing – tostaditas are your solution! It’s messy to eat; not ideal for a first date – but every bite is a heavenly crunch that will make you fall in love with tacos all over again!

El Cielo Tostaditas, are made with our fresh tortillas and then fried one by one.  They are deliciously crunchy and ridiculously yummy.

So, now that we’ve cleared that up – Let’s feast! Below is a very delicioso receta! Enjoy amigos.


Tostada Tuesday! ? ..It's totally a thing, right? Well, it is now! ? Rainbow stacks of guac, spiced kidney beans, cabbage + my fave, go-to homemade salsa, served on top of these amazing corn tostadas from @elcielo_mexican ? Such amazing flavours, and the toastadas are so so good… Crunchy, fliplin' delicious, and they don't shatter into a million pieces when you bite into them! And that's always a win in my books ? // I've finally managed to have a productive day off. Part of it was out of force (so much to do ?), but most of the day was spent in the kitchen, and while I'm definitely still not feeling like myself, it was really nice to at least feel creative + productive. I did some meal prep for both dinner tonight + for the rest of the week, but I also made some black bean hummus + recipe test my hot cross bun recipe! Still haven't tasted them, so I can't comment on how they are, but I'll keep you updated ? I was going to make some cookies too, but that will now have to be added to tomorrow's list.. Oh well. Anything for cookies ? Hope you guys are having a great day! What's been on your agenda? x #dinner #mexican #tostadas #fresh #plantpower #crueltyfree #eatrealfood #eatgoodfood #eattherainbow

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